Jodie-Joy is a adult contemporary soulful pop singer, songwriter and entertainer with a powerful voice and impressive vocal range. 


Her passion for music has taken her all over the world and allowed her to develop a diverse creative career

Everyday I'm Juggling...

I dont know about you, but some days I sit down in the evening after and realise its the first time I’ve sat down all day! Like most women I wear a lot of different "hats". For the last few years my business hat was the one I wore most often. Building Multiplay Entertainment was labour of love but in March 2013 it was overtaken by a an even bigger love... My little BEAUTY.. Becoming a mum made me see things differently. It also made me realise that I had to work out what was important to me - what I was REALLY passionate about. After a lot of soul searching I realised that the two things I really loved were... 1. Making music. Writing, singing, producing and performing music that I loved. 2

My music videos are LIVE

Over the last month I have been involved in one of the most wonderful, stressful and creatively satisfying experiences of my entire career as a music artist. That’s right - I’ve been up to neck in the process of making not one but THREE music videos! Previously in my recording career my role has been confied to singer songwriter, so this was my first experience with what it takes to produce a video. Creatively, I’ve been in control of every aspect of making these videos. From choosing the songs, to deciding on the concepts for the videos, to overseeing the musical arrangements I’ve been in the drivers seat. This was really important to me, because with each song I wanted to do it in a way t


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