Jodie-Joy is a adult contemporary soulful pop singer, songwriter and entertainer with a powerful voice and impressive vocal range. 


Her passion for music has taken her all over the world and allowed her to develop a diverse creative career

ALBUM pre sales

JJ Album pre sales ON ITUNES NOW This EP titled J-J is full of words and music coming from a woman/artist at peace with one self. A confessional of a woman who's seen and been through much. Willing to take a chance and forge through musical landscapes and say, I'm proud and I'm indie. With songs ranging from pure pop with single video release “Naked" to the full on rockin blues "Ms. Hard Luck” , Jodie-Joy puts her heart on her sleeve and her big soulful voice front and center and says, ”pay attention, I have something I want to say” She then flips the script to a touching lullaby in “Little Beauty” written about her daughter Zara. Fan

Making My Music Video

Creating treasure moments with the ones I love and making music was the perfect combination. Behind the scenes shots of the making of my first music video was made even more special featuring my daughter Zara. Water was a little cold but being the social butterfly she is, she loved the action scenes just as much as mummy. What a day! 6am - 8pm long haul, over 8 fabulous crew members, 2 scene locations and 2 months preparation in total but the fruits of our hard work will soon be shared, as I bare all in the name of art.. literally inside and out - next week at Brisbane video launch for 'Naked'. This is going to be one event to remember 19th April 2015!


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