FREE RIDE (Single)

"You gotta work for your money, gotta work that, work that". This music video single release 'Free Ride' derived from, 'I am woman hear me roar', empowered woman, finding their own strength, finding freedom and loving the journey.

'Sending love and special thanks to Amy and my inner circle who have become family, my children and the best parents a girl could have. '

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LOVE HATE (Single)

This song speaks out about toxic relationships, Domestic Violence comes in many forms, physical violence can be present at times and in some relationships can be emotional, financial and physiological abuse. Making excuses for this behaviour, embarrassment, gaslighting can leave you thinking this must be normal.  


Love Hate is an elastic band storyboard bringing awareness to a very real and raw topic. Domestic violence should not be tolerated in our communities. ‘Love Hate’ single song music video released 2019 was written by Jodie-Joy, bringing awareness and raising money with ‘Download Song to Donate’ for domestic violence held annually in Australia. All song proceeds toward this cause.​

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NAKED (Single)

Naked is the sharing of poignant pieces in JJ's life,  so it was only fitting that the first single release was a universal anthem. She leads by example in this fiercely masked world, opening up more than ever, baring all with her 'debut single music video' release 'Naked', and telling her story.

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"J-J" (Self titled EP)

"Released independently in 2015, this young woman has carved her own path,  her music is steeped in soul and commercial radio format." (Marc Swersky Producer)


Fans of independent music and singers like Tina Arena, Adele and Annie Lennox will appreciate the beauty and passion of JJ's voice.​ This album is full of words and music coming from a woman/artist at peace with one self. A confessional of a woman who's seen and been through much. Willing to take a chance and forge through musical landscapes and say, 'I'm proud and I'm indie. '

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Jodie-Joy's debut album “I Still Believe” is a 11 tracks released through Columbia Records 2005 and is a timeless pop adult contemporary collection. 'Very evident is Jodie's vocal versatility and astonishing vocal range'.

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Visit the Jodie-Joy store to view her latest merchandise including jewellery, trucker cap, t-shirts and personally signed CDs.



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