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is the sharing of poignant pieces in JJ's life,  so it was only fitting that the first single release was a universal anthem. She leads by example in this fiercely masked world, opening up more than ever, baring all with her single video release 'Naked', and telling her story..


self titled ep 'JJ'

released independently in 2015, This young woman has carved her own path,  her music is steeped in soul and commercial radio format. Fans of independent music and singers like Tina Arena, Adele and Annie Lennox will appreciate the beauty and passion of JJ's voice.

Album is full of words and music coming from a woman/artist at peace with one self. A confessional of a woman who's seen and been through much. Willing to take a chance and forge through musical landscapes and say, I'm proud and I'm indie.

Jodie 11 track debut album released through Columbia Records 2005 is timeless pop adult contempoary collection. 'Very evident is Jodie's vocal versatility and astonishing vocal range'



I STILL BELIEVE samples - - click album to hear more

I Still Believe - Jodie
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If that's love - Jodie
00:00 / 00:00
Where we are - Jodie
00:00 / 00:00
Never in my life - Jodie
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ORDER ALBUM (I Still Believe)
ORDER ALBUM (I Still Believe)
ORDER ALBUM (I Still Believe)

PAST & PRESENT MUSIC SAMPLES - click album to hear more

Jodie-Joy's first independent release 2013 was by popular demand from her fans who kept requesting music she only performs live, so this 11 track album features 'the present' spine tingling duets with her operatic tenor father Robin Donald Smith,  compelling vocals in her own cover renditions of popular radio hits, infused with her 'past' originals, never been heard before pop/dance tracks written throughout her career including AusWrite Songwriting Sessions Australia (co-wrote Audius, Brooke McClymount) and travels to UK.



ORDER ALBUM (Past & Present)
ORDER ALBUM (Past & Present)
ORDER ALBUM (Past & Present)
New Life - Jodie-Joy
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Satisfied - Jodie-Joy
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Leave the light on - Jodie-Joy
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The Prayer - Jodie-Joy & father Robin Donald Smith
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JJ & her band

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phantom of the opera remix

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