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This EP titled J-J is full of words and music coming from a woman/artist at peace with one self. A confessional of a woman who's seen and been through much. Willing to take a chance and forge through musical landscapes and say, I'm proud and I'm indie.

With songs ranging from pure pop with single video release “Naked" to the full on rockin blues "Ms. Hard Luck” , Jodie-Joy puts her heart on her sleeve and her big soulful voice front and center and says, ”pay attention, I have something I want to say” She then flips the script to a touching lullaby in “Little Beauty” written about her daughter Zara. Fans of singers like Celine Dion, Tina Arena, Adele and Annie Lennox will appreciate the beauty and passion of Jodie’s voice.

Here is a record that has carved it’s own path and is steeped in AC/CHR format. Be the first to hear this EP on

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