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Our Town Brisbane - Press Release



Jodie-Joy is heading to the US for a very specific purpose: she wants to bring true US style soul music back to Australia. Starting with a whirlwind tour that will take her from New Orleans to New York City, Jodie-Joy will be getting back to where soul music began and collaborating with the some of the industry’s most A-list writers and musicians to create her 2nd originals album and film her documentary 'Story of the independent artist'

So great is Jodie-Joy’s commitment to getting an authentic soul sound for this album that she’s putting her mouth where her money is and going right out on a limb, doing something she’s never done before: recording with a live band. She will be keeping her fans in the loop through the whole process by filming every crucial part of her Independent music making story, co-writing music and the recording with Grammy Award winning producer for her EP.

“Recording with live band in studio will give album an energy and a rawness that you just can’t get with studio computer programed sound recordings,” says Jodie-Joy, whose previous albums have all been used this method of production

“I’m so excited that I’ll have the chance to experience this is live, organic style of music creation.” For an independent artist Jodie-Joy has been remarkably successful in lining up some high-powered songwriters and producers to help make this album. Between them they have created hits for soul greats including Joe Cocker, Natalie Cole and fellow Aussie soul diva Rene Geyer. But then again Jodie-Joy is no ordinary independent artist.

Find out more with her exclusive snaps behind the scenes filming of her documentary whilst on tour - will be coming to your inbox soon or to be the first to hear of her impressive music journeys visit

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