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Everyday I'm Juggling...

I dont know about you, but some days I sit down in the evening after and realise its the first time I’ve sat down all day!

Like most women I wear a lot of different "hats". For the last few years my business hat was the one I wore most often. Building Multiplay Entertainment was labour of love but in March 2013 it was overtaken by a an even bigger love...

Jodie-Joy Mum.jpg

My little BEAUTY..

Becoming a mum made me see things differently. It also made me realise that I had to work out what was important to me - what I was REALLY passionate about.

After a lot of soul searching I realised that the two things I really loved were...

1. Making music. Writing, singing, producing and performing music that I loved.

2. Helping young performers through my singing school and helping them sieze opportunitites to develop their careers

So that’s what I’m focusing on at the moment. It might sound simple but let me tell you some days I feel more like a juggler than a singer!

I sat down the other day and made a list of all the things I've got going on at the moment

1. Run my singing school - including teaching and doing all the paperwork!

2. Putting together a new vintage soul band – this is the new direction for me as an artist and I am SO excited about it :)

3. Gym & diet eating 5 times a day – this takes up more time than you'd think

4. Gigging - I've been focusing on getting my name back out there as a performer and suddenly I'm busy, bust BUSY!

5. Recording my EP - this will feature the new original songs Im writing currently

6. Booking dates for the U.S.A - once it is finished we're taking my new state-side baby!

And last but not least spending time with my precious family.

So tell me - what's filling up your to do list at the moment? I'd love to hear how you find time to fit everything in!

Jodie xx

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