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Father & Daughter Duet

As I approach giving birth to my second child, I can't help but think about the legacy my father and grandfather have left behind for my children. Besides our love of music as a family and the vocal gift that has been bestowed upon us to share throughout our 3 generations, what I feel most pressured to uphold and pass on is the legacy of love. This song was to be a tribute to my father and mother to celebrate their 50 years happily married on the day they renewed their vows, which his parents also achieved and passed down to him. In this divided world and violent times we live in, I can only hope this inspires us all to love one another more, for the next generation to pass on, it starts with the little things and in our own families and I am lucky enough to share my families love story with you through my love of singing and song.

Please share if you believe love can cure the world

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