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Story of the independent artist - Almost Famous is in pre production phase and I am thrilled to announce and welcome the expertise of it's film producer Dwayne Henry. One can't help but be feel previledged to be collaborating on this project with Dwayne and his team when we start our USA tour TOMORROW - Stay tuned for all the exclusive previews in the making of the documentary 'Story of the independent artist'

Dwayne is a young creative quickly making his mark in the entertainment industry. Renowned as one of the potential new creative faces of this generation he has worked with some of Hollywood's heavyweights in his short career. He spent his early career learning the industry under the tutelage of Nick Cannon (also known as Mariah Carey's partner) working with the entertainment mogul as a Segment Producer on one of his Teen Nickelodeon television shows, as well as one of his chief advisors during the filming of Nick's Directorial debut film with Lionsgate.

Dwayne's specialty lies in Documentary work and music videos. Touted as extremely socially aware some of his documentary subjects and in music videos Dwayne has proven time and time again that he is willing to take the road least traveled. More than anything he aspires to being a trailblazer of sorts in every way he can.

He is a classically trained filmmaker with fundamental knowledge of many aspects of filmmaking. He specializes in Creative Producing, Editing, and Cinematography. He excels at the art of Directing talent. Combining all his disciplines only aide in making him a serious collaborator, who truly understands the principals and labor involved in each aspect of production.

We hit the road touring, co-writing and creating from LA to New York and back again (LA, Vegas, Nashville, New Orleans, Florida, New York, New Jersey), here we come let the games begin!

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